Marble Cave / Shpella e Gadimes

What can I expect from Marble Cave / Shpella e Gadimes?

Marble cave is a cave made of marble cliffs formed by the metamorphosis of limestone. It is situated in the municipality of Lipljan.

The cave was discovered in 1966 by a citizen building his house and it was opened for tourists in 1976. The cave is 1260 meters long, while the tourist path is around 500 meters long.

Huge pillars are predominant in the halls and the ceiling is covered with stalactites. Many pillars reach heights of up to 5 meters and they are covered with spikes, which is a special oddity of the cave. Ornaments are in different colours, ranging from aragonite white crystal to red, with all shades in between these two contrasting colours.

It is said that it takes 3000 years for 1 mm of it to grow! The air temperature ranges between 12 C and 15 C.

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