Travel to and around Kosova

Travel to Kosova

Travel to and around Kosova

By bus

From Montenegro you can enter through Rozaje to Peja (approximately 2.0 hours). From Macedonia you can take a bus to Prishtina (approximately 2.5 hours) There are a couple companies offering buses from Istanbul via Skopje. From Albania you can enter through Prizren on a nice new road. The trip from Tirane costs 10 euros and takes 4 hours, with two stops. Just be aware that by crossing the border into Kosovo this way there is little or no border control at all. You will not receive a Kosovo entry stamp, nor will you receive an Albanian exit stamp. There are direct bus links to most cities in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia.

By plane

Several European Airlines have started to offer direct flights from their hubs to the International Airport of Prishtina, e.g. SAS Scandinavian Airlines, SWISS, Belle Air, Croatia Airlines, Air Berlin, Malev and Austrian Airlines. During the summer several additional charter flights are available for travelers. Pristina International Airport is located 18 km south west of Prishtina and 3 km south of Slatina and not farther than 80 km from the other cities. The time of the journey is approximately 30 minutes from Prishtina. There are direct flights from Pristina International Airport to London, New York City, Zurich, Geneva, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Vienna, Zagreb, Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt,Podgorica, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Rome, Milan, Verona, Ljubljana, Budapest, Tirana, Istanbul and Antalya..

Ground ways

From Albania: Vërmica, Morina and Qafë Prushi
From Macedonia: Hani i Elezit and Glloboçica
From Montenegro: Gryka e Çakorit and Zhlebi
From Serbia: Merdare, Dheu i Bardhë, Muqibaba, Jarinje, Gazivoda

By car

To enter Kosovo by car, the International Motor Insurance Card is valid and accepted. Ensure also that you have your Vehicle Registration and a Power of Attorney from the owner if the car is not yours.

Travel around Kosova

By bus & Taxi

The best way to travel intercity in Kosovo is by bus. The buses are relatively cheap (Pristina to Peja: 4,00 EUR; Prishtina to Prizren: 4 EUR; Prishtina to Besiana: 0.5 EUR ).While the price of local buses is around 0.40 EUR.
The average starting price for a taxi is 1.5 Euros. Taxi is a recommended option when travelling around the city. However, for traveling from city to city it becomes quite expensive, thus buses are preferred instead.

Rules of The road

The driver is obliged to drive in the right side of the road. The highest allowed speed in the urban zones is 50km/h, unless it is stated differently by a communication sign. While in the roads outside urban zones, the driver is not allowed to drive with a speed higher than it is set by communication signs. The highest speed allowed in highways is 130 km/h. Source: