Brezovica Nature & Ski

What can I expect from Brezovica?

Brezovica is a unique ski resort located on the northwest part of Sharr Mountain at an altitude of 900 – 2,520 meters. Favourable climate conditions make this region suitable for tourism, sport and recreation during the whole year.

The ski resort possess 14 pistes, five chair lifts and five ski lifts, connected with 16 km of ski slopes of the average length 3 km. Currently, only 2 chair lifts and 1 ski lift are functioning.

The most well known hotels in Brezovica are: Hotel Narcis, Hotel Molika, Hotel Breza, Shtepija e Gurit and Woodland Hotel. In addition, there are also rentable private houses where you can accommodate yourself.

Things to See and Do in Brezovica

Pine Restaurant
Woodland Hotel

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