White Drin River & Waterfall

What can I expect from White Drin River?

White Drin River is a river situated in the west side of Kosovo. It runs through 122 kilometers of the territory of Kosovo, moving in a north-side direction. Its source is at Rusolia Mountain at an altitude of 586 meters. From the source, the water flows at a speed of 30 meters per second, where it creates a beautiful waterfall with a height of 30 meters. Then it continues its way down to the Dukagjini plane and joins Drini i Zi near Kukës town (Albania). The waterfall created at the source of the river is a rare and stunning phenomenon, which attracts a great number of visitors and offers an unforgivable experience.

Moreover, Holy Bridge (“Ura e shenjtë”) is another spot in this area, frequently visited by the tourists. It is an old bridge, built above an interesting and unique canyon created by White Drin River and it dates since WWII.

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