Junik Towers

What can I expect from Junik Towers?

According to an inventory conducted by the Institute for Protection of Monuments in Peja, in 2002/2003, Junik presented with a variety of objects, malls and cultural heritage values ​such as Towers – In terms of cultural heritage, Junik known for its towers, fortified dwellings family typical Dukagjini Plains.

Older towers are those of Hoxhaj neighborhood where towers complex is formed by the end of the eighteenth century.

Towers, in addition to architectural interest bearing, have played an important social role. For example, the Chamber of Junik was also a legal institution, social and political. They held various gatherings of importance not only for Junik, but also for the whole of Kosova.

It is worth mentioning that fortified apartment tower is the only type of architectural flat of Albanians represented in certain regions in all popular strata and for this we can call without hesitation tower as flat to all Albanian layers.

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