Albanian League of Prizren

What can I expect from Albanian League of Prizren?

Albanian League of Prizren (Lidhja Shqipetare e Prizrenit) is a monument located in the center of Prizren which became historically important since 1878 when the League of Prizren was organized there.

It was an assembly consisting of 300 representatives from all Albanian inhabited territories gathered there to discuss about the foundation of an autonomic and unified Albanian state that would cover the territory of Prizren, Shkoder, Manastir and Janine.

Many documents related to the League of Prizren are still archived in this monument.

The Complex of the League is an urban/architectural ensemble, strategically located in the old city centre, with special cultural, historical, societal and environmental values.

The complex was shaped with the construction of the Gazi Mehmet Pasha Mosque, and around it, other buildings were developed, such as the League Building, the Medrese, Turbe, library and residential buildings.

Residential buildings are mainly spread through the south-western area of the Gazi Mehmed Pasha Complex, within which we have the Monumental Complex of the Prizren League.

These folk architecture buildings are found individually and in series. By the end of the 19th century, and the early 20th century, restoration and reconstruction works in residential buildings clearly feature European Baroque styles, with a hint of Neo-Classicism, which provides a specific image to these buildings.

After the 50-es, mass demolitions were made, in the name of road expansion, and the Lumbardh River was reshaped for “modernizing” the city. From this complex, only a few preserved buildings remain, while some parts of the Medrese were also destroyed.

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