Sharri Mountains

What can I expect from Sharri Mountains?

Sharr Mountains is a mountain range that lies in the south-east part of Kosova. They cover a territory of 60 km long and lie at an average altitude of 16-20 km. The Sharr Mountain consists of three main zones:

  • The zone of Luboten and Brezovica,
  • The central zone of Prizren, and
  • The zone of Opoja and Gora.

The most attractive peaks of the Sharr-Mountains are: Luboten , Bistra Peak, Black Peak, Kobilica Peak, Peak of Von Korff, Zallina Peak, Tërepeznica Peak, Great Vraca and Small Vraca. The highest peak is Luboteni Peak, which reaches an altitude of 2553 meters, and is believed to mean “Beautiful view” (originating from the French words: “le bo ten”).

The great ski and hiking terrains, picturesque landscape, and several mountain lakes make this part of Kosova one of the most beautiful and attractive places for visitors.

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