Rugova Valley

What can I expect from Rugova Valley?

Rugova Valley is located in the heart of Dukagjini, in north-western Kosovo. It covers an area of 32.000 hectares. Its highest peak is Coursed Mountain, with an altitude of 2560 meters.

Among several characteristics that distinguish this valley, following are the most important ones

  • -Bistrica River, which passes throughout 12 kilometers of the valley
  • -Waterfalls that fall from a height of 30 meters
  • -Two lakes at an altitude of 1 800 meters above sea level and
  • -A number of caves

Rugova Valley is considered as an ideal place to spend a day or a couple of days, when you need to relax and get away from the daily routine and dynamic life in the city. It is a quiet preserved and unexplored region, and this offers a unique entertainment opportunity for the lovers of eco and rural tourism.

Things to See and Do in Rugova Valley

Visit Leqinat Lake
Stay at Villa Guri i Kuq
Eat traditional food

Places to stay and see in Rugova Valley

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