About Kosova

Name: Republic of Kosova
Capital: Prishtina
Location: In the center of south-eastern Europe, In the center of Balkan Peninsula
Area: 10,877km2
Population: 1.815.606 (date: 31/12/2012)
Languages: Albanian(Official), Serbian, English, Turkish.
Cilme: Continental, average high temperatures +25'C and +38°C. Average low temperatures -2°C
Independence Day: 17 Feb 2008
Constitution Day: 9 Aprill 2008
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Currency: Euro (€)
Religion: Muslim 92%, Orthodox 6%, Catholic 1%
Electricity: 230V/530Hz (European plug)
Calling code: +381
Time Zone: UTC +1
Border line in km: 700.7 km
Bordered with: Serbia 351.6, Macedonia 158.7km, Albania 111.8km and Montenegro 78.6km.
Administrative regions: 38 municipalities
Plains: Kosova Plain(altitude 500-700m), Dukagjni plain(altitude 350-450m)